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It is possible that one gets charged with the embezzlement if they have access to the property of someone legally. Due to the lack of awareness about the rules and laws, many few people are aware of the laws, and the difference between different legal terms. For instance, many few people realize the difference between embezzlement and theft. That is why, it is important to get familiar with the basic legal terms, and to have some extent of knowledge regarding the court procedures of the state of Arizona if you are a resident of Tucson. Because the extent to which your Tucson Arizona criminal lawyer can defend you depends upon the nature and severity of charges against you.Tucson Arizona criminal lawyer
There is not much difference between both embezzlement and theft. Embezzlement is basically a type of theft. However, under the embezzlement, one has legal access to the property (which they have been alleged to have stolen), whereas under the theft, one does not have any legal access to the properly which they have (or have been alleged to have) stolen. In other words, we can say that the embezzlement occurs when one gets entrusted to hold, manage, or monitor someone’s property, and then, they take part or all of their property for their own personal gain and benefits. This implies that one had the legal access to a property, but didn’t have any legal ownership of that place or property.
It is also possible to get charged under the Arizona Vulnerable Adults Statute. The “vulnerable adult” term is used for someone who is 18 years old, has recently became an adult and is yet unable to defend their self from some sort of harassment due to some physical or mental weakness or disability. The Arizona Vulnerable Adults law protects such individuals who get their property taken away from them due to the use of force, or by the use of any other unfair means.
There are several different ways and circumstances under which, an embezzlement can occur. For instance, if a bank teller has been trusted to sell some of the land of their clients, and they use even a small portion of the money earned by selling their client’s land for any purpose, they can get charged with embezzlement.
Since the punishment can vary depending upon the nature of charges, it is important to always have an experienced Tucson Arizona criminal lawyer ready for you in case you ever face embezzlement charges in Tucson.


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