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Having a good doctor can help you regain not only your health but your confidence too!

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Finding a right cardiologist is a part of living well with heart disease. Whoever you choose, you need to completely trust him. Heart disease can rob you of your confidence. Having a good doctor can help you regain not only your health but your confidence too. If the cardiologist has a good reputation and the “chemistry” between you works, you may not need to search any further. But if the fit isn’t right, you will want to take some steps to find a good doctor. First, you can talk to your family doctor and request another referral. If you know of a doctor recommended by friends, family, or colleagues, ask your doctor to refer you to that physician. Simply put, a cardiologist is a doctor who is trained and certified to diagnose and treat disorders of the circulatory system and the cardiovascular system — the heart, arteries, and veins – including heart failure, heart attack, cardiomyopathy (disease or disorder of the heart muscle), and high blood pressure. Cardiologists complete medical school and postgraduate training, then, for an additional three to five years, cardiologists study conditions specific to blood circulation, blood vessels, and the heart.


Today, not only must a cardiologist be very familiar with anatomy and physiology, but also with modern computerized diagnostic equipment. A patient may be feeling completely healthy; a family history has numerous contributing factors to the patient’s future health. A cardiologist can discuss the effects a family history has on a patient.  If a close family member has or had any type of heart health problems, the cardiologist can give recommendations on a patient’s current health as a way to stay fit. High blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol can give elevate a patient’s risk for heart disease. Exercise is an important factor of staying fit at any age. If a person is not getting enough exercise, implementing a new routine or program into a healthy living regiment is an important step.  When a person reaches 40 staying active is a must for optimum heart health. A visit to the cardiologist will help determine if a new exercise program is right for the patient’s health. The cardiologist can actually recommend an exercise program that is good for the patient’s current health condition. Depending on the health of the individual, a lower impact program may be the best the way to start. A high impact program may have negative consequences if the patient’s heart health is not prepared for the activity.


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